Your partner on the
road less traveled

Your partner
on the road
less traveled

Fireroad works with bold leaders to build and grow companies that can be a force for good in the world.

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Build. Buy. Back.

Fireroad is a new kind of holding company that launches, invests in, and grows companies. We partner with mission-driven entrepreneurs and investors focused on long-term impact.

Transformative fractional executives for small and 
mid-sized businesses.

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Fireroad HoldCo invests in existing businesses and takes an active role in helping introduce technology, automation, and proven processes and systems that enable growth. We love businesses in industries with a consistent history of profitability, great leaders, and a path to growth. Businesses that won't be replaced by AI anytime soon, but can benefit from tech-enablement — trades, home services, etc. If you are an owner interested in a partner to help you take some chips off the table while preserving your team and legacy, we'd love to talk.

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Fireroad Ventures invests in early-stage tech companies led by inspiring founders. Our team has founded unicorn startups and invested in more than 75 companies. We bring decades of experience in technology, go-to-market, team and culture building, and fundraising to the table and enjoy helping our founders avoid the landmines, traps, and distractions of the startup adventure. As operators ourselves, we stay closely involved through the early stages and bring both experience and capital to the table to fuel growth.

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To cultivate entrepreneurship as a force for good in the world

We believe that great jobs are a springboard to meaningful lives. A great job gives people the opportunity to work in an environment that respects their autonomy, enables mastery of their craft, and connects their work to a greater mission. The effects are profound on individuals, households, and communities. This is our why.

What is a Fireroad?

The road less traveled.

Fireroads offer a gateway to adventure, providing just enough access and infrastructure needed to explore. Much like company-building, travelers must be willing to get dirty, fall, get lost, and figure things out to have a great adventure.

Sometimes a lesser-known path is exactly the opportunity to shortcut a journey but we don’t always need to blaze new trails.  It takes curiosity to find these paths, wisdom to know when to take one, and boldness for the journey ahead.

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The Fireroad Advantage

We aren't just investors or advisors. We are serial entrepreneurs who have raised $450M+, hired hundreds, and led through difficult times.
Tim Metzner, CEO & Partner, Fireroad
Tim Metzner
CEO, Fireroad
Founder of Ocean Accelerator, Differential (dev shop + studio) and Coterie Insurance. Companies have raised >$115M. Active angel (56 deals). Champion of culture, growth and helping founders succeed.
Christy Johnson, Operating Partner Fireroad Ventures
Christy Johnson
Principal, Fireroad Ventures
Former COO of Ocean Accelerator, the longest standing accelerator in Cincinnati with a current portfolio value in excess of $1B. Identity and impact enthusiast, determined to integrate both into the venture story.
Ry Walker, Partner, Fireroad
Ry Walker
Serial engineer, founder and champion of open source and AI. Prior exit of a $1B+ valuation unicorn company. Current CEO of Tembo, applied AI SaaS tackling a $70b segment.
Brad Felix, Operating Partner, Fireroad Holdings
Brad Felix
Operating Partner, Fireroad HoldCo
Experienced executive, CFA®️ charterholder, and no-code expert with a passion for modernizing legacy industries with new technology. Founded Commas (tech-first financial advisory firm) which sold to Truepoint Wealth Counsel in 2016.
Will Housh, Partner, Fireroad
Will Housh
Serial entrepreneur & former HVAC contractor. Founded (exit in 2019). CEO of Same Day Supply (B2C eCommerce) & Contractor Commerce (B2B SaaS). Investor.
Jared Warner, Partner, Fireroad
Jared Warner
Seasoned fintech public company executive, business scaler, and deal maker with well over $60 billion of transaction experience. Passionate about creating value and driving results of all kinds.
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